Sound has no mass,
But it can feel heavy,
It can feel light,
It can weigh us down,
It can lift us up.

How many other things,
In this world,
Hold such a power?
No mass,
But it can change the way we see the world,
Change the way we see ourselves.

Such is meaning without mass,
Yet it can change everything.

Strange Adventure

What I seek,
On this winding path,
Time and space,
Beyond its grasp.

Darkness comes,
But then it fades,
Fading in and out,
Some truths to take.

Beyond what I can see,
Where magic and science,
Are one in the same,
And rendered meaningless,
One truth lost in space.

The creeping dust,
Of obscurity,
Comes at long last for thee,
Speaking nonsensical
Poetic political madness.

It’s time to go,
To find again,
What I lost,
When I sold my soul.

Poetry is life, Poetry is death

Poetry is life,

Poetry is death.

It is what comes before,

And after.

Meaning beyond what normal words,

What normal phrases can express.

Meaning forged from life,

And death,

And all that comes before,

And after.

Meaning that can’t be expressed in words,

Made from words with different meanings.





Words from all those who live the high life,

And all those crushed under the boots of oppression.

Poetry is everything,

And everyone,

And anything,

And everywhere.

Poetry is meaning,

Beyond all preciving.

Written in the Sky

I saw your name written in the sky the other day,
It reminded me I should call you.
I wonder if God put it there,
Because honestly I’d forgotten,
Life has been so busy,
Things have been kind of hard,
I’m not angry at you or anything,
But honestly,
Right now,
The thought of talking to anyone makes me sick.
And some days it’s a struggle to get out of bed,
And go to work,
Honestly I can’t even imagine,
Talking to you….

But I saw your name written in the sky the other day,
And so I called you,
And here we are.


A blue sky,

Trees painted green,

A lake of refreshing water,

A small building completes the scene.

I have been many places,

I have seen many things,

And I know there are places far more wonderous.

But this is perfection.

For all the terrible places I’ve been,

This is everything I’ve wanted,

For all the wonders of nature I’ve seen,

This simplicity is perfection.

An exceptional landscape,

Painted by an artist,

Who knows what it means to live,

This is perfection.