Scattered Petals of Light

Scattered petals of light,
Moments of time,
Stretching through reality,
Bending moments of meaning,
Thoughts and lost feelings.

Shaping the world,
In an image nothing like our own,
Perfect and feeling,
Dreaming in colors that we cannot see,
But we can feel,
Light beyond our sight,
Scattered petals of light.

One thought on “Scattered Petals of Light

  1. Reblogged this on Wandering Poems and commented:

    Hello everyone, I’m trying something new. Introducing reblog Friday’s! I’ve wanted to share some of my old stuff for some time now and I figured this is a good way to do that. This one here is the very first poem I published on this site. I’ll give more info on what’s going on with reblog Friday’s during the next blog journal.


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