A blue sky,

Trees painted green,

A lake of refreshing water,

A small building completes the scene.

I have been many places,

I have seen many things,

And I know there are places far more wonderous.

But this is perfection.

For all the terrible places I’ve been,

This is everything I’ve wanted,

For all the wonders of nature I’ve seen,

This simplicity is perfection.

An exceptional landscape,

Painted by an artist,

Who knows what it means to live,

This is perfection.

Lost Drive

The yellow moon bleeds illusions,
The city road distorts and bends,
I see a figure step into the street,
I hit the brakes…
But there was no one there.
I can’t seem to remember why I was here,
Where was I going,
Was I driving with no destination,
For this long?

I start the car again,
There moon Hides behind the trees,
Whatever it’s hiding from…
Should it frighten me?