Meditation Poem 1: Anyways

Seeking new focus,

Trying to find,

A thing forgotten,

Or left behind?

Maybe I never found it,

I may have missed my chance,

To find something so important,

It could have changed my life.

So now I must find new focus,

Try to find a way,

To seek something just as important,

That can be used to replace,

Something so precious,

As to change my life.

But I guess I would go on living,


Law is a Loser’s Game

Do you believe in light?
Or only in shadows?
Slipping through the cracks,
Of societies transgressions.
My only sin,
Was thinking I could win,
This never ending fight,
Against my own pain.
So I will play this game,
But I only play the fool,
For law is a loser’s game.
Justice is never served,
Only appeased until the next day.

Monument of Death

When the cheery blossoms fell like rain, when time I could ignore.
I went to see a black wall with names lost in war.
I looked into that sandblasted wall and found to my surprise, that standing beyond its darkened veil, was a face with my eyes.

This monument of death, so simple, yet so complex, had something to say, though it fell upon many deaf ears.
It said “You must pay the price of freedom, yes indeed, but to pay the price in bodies with interest still due, you will never find your debt paid, a grater balance will always be due.”
But this wall held only regret no solution was inside, so I left this place to find it, I may succeed in time.

We say we will remember, the lessons the dead teach. But I think I see a shadow on the land, were the next monument of death will stand.


The suns eminence fades and the moon comes to guard the night.
But it does not guard what most think.
Times moves in strange ways and space wavers.
Walk only to find that the path is never straight.
So we wander lost and find that the truth is just the lie we tell ourselves.

Distant Songs

I hear the song in the distance,
It says something important.
But I can’t hear it,
My mind won’t let me.

It’s just a song,
I say again and again,
It holds no meaning I don’t ascribe to it.
But the song won’t leave my head,
So meaningless or not I must find,

The sung truth