The Legacy of Heroes

When the skies turned red as blood, when the earth turned pail with fright, when the water froze in fear, and when the flame would not ignite.

When hope was thrown into the wind, and lost on the mist. At last four savors appeared the downtrodden, with power and meekness to spare.

They had no reason to save us, but that never concerned them, it seemed natural that they were our saviors, and we would be free at last.

They were truly bold when danger came, casting darkness aside, their fight never ending, their lives thrown aside.

They would do anything for us, and I don’t know why, it’s as though they could care less how there own lives end.

And after overcoming all the blocks to their path they finally found a way to save our world from destruction, cheering filled the streets, this day never to be forgotten.

But time slowly rusts promises away, and though those heroes keep on living to this very day. Not a soul can remember what they did for us, lost onto the darkness, and burned to gray dust.

And now that we have killed their memory, the ones that saved our lives, we simply disregard the fact that we threw it all away.

And now the wheel turns as time slowly passes on, and a new group searches for their saviors, to save them, from us.

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