A Story of Two

We were separated by our own will. By the paths we must take. We were once alike. The only two who believed the truth. In time we knew that we would not be welcomed back anymore and that no matter how hard we tried to save our universe. No matter how many good deeds we did. Someone else always took the credit, no one would listen and for us we knew that we no longer had any reason to remain within the realms of the lost, those who would forget themselves.  

Now we are apart learning from the worlds of the young, the old, and all those in-between. We know our purpose, the time that we must end. And the time is drawing ever closer. I wonder if we are prepared.  

Wondering on, trying to stay alive trying with every particle of my being to find the way to save our way. To save the light and the dark, to save time and space, look now time is at and end and our days are almost done.  

The last of the power we had is at its end. But the power that we have will be enough to be united again before the end. Before we fail and the light in the sky falls down. And the moon crashes to the ground.  

I will always love…    

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