New Kinds of Posts Incoming

Hello everyone, up to this point I have almost always posted in prose or poetry very rearly do I write directly in my own voice. Up until now I’ve always thought it best to let my writing speak for its self. But I’m beginning to question that thought. After all writing is more than just poetry and prose, theres creative nonfiction, and opinion pieces that are also important bodies of work.

And it’s not like I don’t have more to say. I’m quite chatty when you get me in the right mood. And writing is an extremely important aspect of my life and part of how I’ve expressed myself for a very long time. Considering this I’ve decided to expand this blog beyond just poetry and prose. So what kind of content am I going to add to this blog. Let me give you the list.

  1. Recommendations and reviews: In addition to books and poems I also will be writing reviews and recommendations for video games. For a long time I’ve thought about separating my video game content from my writing…but after thinking about this I’ve decided that’s feeding into the stereotype that gamers need to be separated from traditional media content and I actively hate this idea. And a lot of my poems are inspired by video games so it feels wrong to not talk about it and pretend it has nothing to do with my life when it has such a big place in my heart.
  2. Continuing from point one, you will start to see more writings and stuff inspired by video games. I’ve already been inspired by video games I’m just planning on being more open with it.
  3. Strange things: I have a few strange projects in the works that defy explanation. I don’t really have a time table for this but you are already seeing the first hits of this here on my blog.

So a few questions that may come to mind after readying this post.

Does this mean this is becoming a gaming blog, or a lifestyle blog?

No, I will still be focusing on writing I will just be embracing the other aspects of my life.

Does this mean you will be posting more?

Sometimes, but don’t expect me to be posting every day of the week. That’s just not going to happen, I have a full time job so I don’t have the time to be doing that.

That’s everything, thank you for all of your support.

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