Changing Creative Priorities

Hello everyone, I am once again braking the forth wall of blogging to give everyone an updated on how things are going and what I’ve been working on,

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been posting less often. This is because I’ve been spending a lot of my creative energy and time on a more long term project that I don’t really want to share online just yet. The long and short of it though is I’m creating my own table top rpg. If you’ve heard of D&D it’s something like that.

The good news is I still intend to post a poem here on this blog once a week. Most likely on Monday’s. But I do work a full time job so the day could shift depending on how busy I am at work.

In addition I am going to be putting “the Layered City” on hold for now, honestly I’m the worst when it comes to finishing creative projects some days so that might disappear of my blog at some point and go in the unfinished bin indefinitely, but we will see. Along with my table top project I have a story I’ve been working on to help me flesh out the world of this table top rpg that I intend to post at some point, so look forward to that.

All this being said I’m going on vacation next week and nothing is better for my creativity that some time off and a new environment to draw inspiration from. So you may still see some new things being posted here more frequently then I would otherwise be able to.

I also have some opinion articles that I have saved as drafts but I have not gotten around to finishing yet. I do hope to keep doing that as the mood hits me. But don’t expect anything consistent.

That should be everything for now. Thank you all for your time and support.

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