“I dream of all things”

“I hope you understand,”
The tree said at last.
“Thousands of years separate us.”
But the meaning of those words were lost on me.
Looking back I should have asked,
Why it even mattered.

“I dream of all things,
And all those things,
Have importance,
But not everything has meaning,
And yet in the minds of humans,
There is no difference.”


To find a thing, I cannot see.
To learn the way, I should be.
A darkness now, that I must seek.
Looking for a light to keep. 
I’ve found myself, lost again,
In the gray, where roads bend.
A shimmering star, far away
is my only guide. So I must go with no delay.
A simple rise, a simple fall.
Listening now for the call
A simple rise, the light will fall.
The black flame will always burn… 

Words from the Road 7

Now lest you think my journey,
Ends in such a way,
I can assure you,
Your eyes do not lead you astray.

A sound echoed out,
Like a bolt of lightning,
And the dogs,
They scattered,
Like dust before a storm.

I looked up,
To see who had saved me,
And to my surprise,
Saw the most beautiful women,
I have ever seen in my life.

Left Behind

“I just thought of something,”
She said after the long silence echoed in my head.
“Why am I here, right now, when the world is so large?”

After we parted ways that day,
I would never see her again,
But I will always remember,
Those final words she said.
As I live my reclusive life.