Hidden Sanctuary 2

Check out part 1 here: https://wanderingpoems.blog/2019/07/12/hidden-sanctuary-1/

Now, where was I? Ahh yes, the doctor and I were busy searching the battlefield for survivors, and to our distress had yet to find a single person still alive. The two armies had clashed at several points along the Evergreen Boundary and it was difficult to tell who had died from the fighting, and who had been killed by the weapon.  

The battlefield was mostly littered with the green uniforms of the Vehrillin Elven army especially as we got further away from the Evergreen Boundary. The humans and the Elves had come to hate each other for reasons I had honestly not done a good job of keeping track of. They had never been the best of friends but to go as far as outright war—and for the humans to use such a powerful unthinkable weapon on the elves…. I had missed something important about the politics between the people of Omnus, our world, our home. I felt like I had failed somehow. And then a ping of sensory information interrupted the stream of my thoughts.  

“Doctor, I can sense someone still alive in this area,” The man just about fell over from shock. I was honestly just as surprised as he was, the weapon had seemed so thorough. Of course, looking back on it now it seems foolish to celebrate one life when so many had been extinguished—but sometimes you have to hold onto the little hopes and happiness’s.  

“Where are they?” he asked looking around for any signs of life.  

I had been flying near the ground as slowly as I could so the doctor could keep up with me, so while I could sense the life force, I couldn’t see who it was coming from. And for all I knew the person was unconscious and just as unmoving as the sea of corpses they were drowning in. So, I flapped my wings hard and angled myself up to get a better view, hoping I would see something to help us pinpoint who we were looking for.  

We were in luck, not too far in the distance I could see a monster, a blue green dragon with fins and neck frills. If the monster had been a Crownicorn or some other scavenger monster I might have just assumed they were there to collect their bounty of food. But dragons didn’t scavenge, and they were among some of the smartest monsters one could find. That dragon was still protecting its person, it’s Linker.  

“Doctor, this direction,” I said, flapping hard to make it their as quickly as I could. “Carful they are a Linker and have a monster protecting them.” The doctor didn’t so much as hesitate, running as quickly as his short legs would take him. If he had been thinking he would have called out one of his monsters to help him get their more quickly, he was a Linker himself after all.  

I arrived first and circled around the area a few times trying to get a sense for the situation. The dragon noticed me right away and looked up at me suspiciously. I had no chose but to call down to him in the hopes that his fears might be alleviated. I could communicate with both humans and monsters alike with my telepathy, however just because I could understand a monster doesn’t mean a human could. 

“Brave dragon, does your Linker need medical attention? My doctor friend is coming as quickly as he can.  

The dragon didn’t respond but simply nodded in understanding and uncurled his body and tail reveling a human woman with auburn hair. Her hair was not what was strange about her though, she was wearing the green elven military uniform even though she was clearly human. Her ears were as round as they get, and she didn’t have the odd dark blue skin tones that most elves have. She wasn’t moving, but I could sense life and breath in her.  

When the doctor made it to her, he threw down his medical bag and started to pull out a bunch of tools. Most doctors only carried the basic first aid materials with them into the field. But my friend was not an ordinary medical doctor. He had all sorts of gadgets and gizmos, many of which I didn’t even come close to understanding what they did. And of course, the last thing he pulled out was what he needed, an odd metal glove with a computer of some sort attached.  

He put on the glove and it started to glow as he passed it over his patient carefully. The computer screen started to display the women’s vitals. I’m no doctor but I have picked up the basics over the years. She seemed to be doing fine, even though she was unconscious. The doctor confirmed what I had seen once I got around to landing nearby.  

“She’s stable somehow,” he explained. “And I can’t find any injuries—or even any reason she might be unconscious.”  

That wasn’t surprising, we had taken the time to examine a few of the bodies when we first entered the carnage filled area. None of the victims of the weapon had any injuries on them, but they were dead, nonetheless. And that was the scary part, what killed them? And would it kill the women before long as well?  

“We can’t do anything for her here,” the doctor said to me, even though he had looked up at the dragon as he spoke. “We need to take her back to the Sanctuary.”   

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