Hidden Sanctuary 3

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“We need to take her back to the Sanctuary.” The doctor said.  

The dragon looked down at the doctor suspiciously—and then looked to me for confirmation. Considering what he and his Linker had been through it made sense that he wouldn’t trust a human so quickly. I knew why the doctor thought it was necessary to get her back to the Sanctuary, the natural healing magic of that place would probably remove whatever the weapon had done to her. The doctor hated relaying on magic, I knew that, so if he thought it was the best thing to do—then there was simply no other option. 

“Brave dragon, the Sanctuary is my domain hidden deep in the fog filled woods of Okenray. The forest has a natural healing aura that may very well be our only hope of keeping your Linker alive.” It was the best explanation I could come up with what little time we had. The only other thing I could do was hope in the trust of the Dragon whose Linkers life may have very well been in our wings.  

In response the dragon stood up and took his Linker into his arms, ready to carry her wherever we led them, luckily for them we didn’t have to go far—technically. I raised my wings into the air and focused the magic that connected me to my home. The forces of connections temporarily rewrote themselves, and a hole opened near us displacing light around its boarders. On the other side of the hole was a foggy forest with old stone buildings painted in the backgrounds. The portal was opened, and I motioned for the dragon and the doctor to go through. 

The dragon went through first, followed by the doctor. And then I hopped through the portal making sure to close it behind me. We found ourselves back in my domain, a place I had named the Sanctuary. The fog filled woods made it difficult for anyone not familiar with the area to navigate their way through. And at the center of the woods was a small stone perch for me to stand atop and sleep. Nearby empty stone houses sat barren and unused. Except for the one the Doctor was using as a house and a research lab. It was to that house now that he ran leading the dragon as fast as he could. 

He had set up quite a few beds in the house thinking we might find quite a few survivors so there was plenty of room. The doctor motioned for the dragon to place his Linker down on one of the beds. And once she was down, he started to hook up all kinds of wires and tubes to her. Once he was done, he pressed the switch on a monitor nearby and the machine started displaying her vitals. Heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, brainwaves and other numbers that didn’t mean anything to me.  

It was a little overkill for a patient. But the doctor was probably trying to learn as much as he could about the weapon. And the only way we could learn anything about it then was through its victims. So, he started to take careful notes on the women as the dragon kept watch nearby.  

I didn’t have anything I could contribute to the doctor’s work. I decided I would open a portal once more and head back to the battlefield in the hope that she might not be the only one who survived. So, I carefully checked the areas we hadn’t been to yet. I flew over large sections, using my powers to scan for life as I went. But everybody else remained lifeless. 

Frustrated, and with nothing else to show for it, I decided to check the sections we had already looked over again. And perhaps this time I would go all the way to the Evergreen Boundary. If I was lucky maybe I could find hints as to what weapon the humans had used on the elves.  

I carefully scanned the battlefield for life as I flew towards the border Between Iminar and Vehrillin. It was called the Evergreen Boundary, a massive evergreen forest the served as the natural border between the two regions. I say regions as it is important to understand that as far as both the humans and the elves were concerned Iminar and Vehrillin were one and the same. It’s just that the two bloodlines contested who owned the land. The humans thought that both Iminar and Vehrillin were theirs by right, they did own most of the continent at that point in history. The elves on the other hand were sure that Iminar was actually part of Vehrillin and that the humans were invading their territory.  

My thoughts were once again interrupted as the Everygreen boundary came into view—or rather—what was left of the Evergreen boundary. The ground had opened up, and an indescribably huge crevice had opened up in the ground. Most of the Evergreen trees had been swallowed up into the earth. And an unnatural pink glow seemed to rise out from the darkness like smoke.  

As the shock of the carnage settled in. One thought rose to the top of my mind, buoyed by the frantic searching for a reason for what I was looking at; What have they done? 

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