Hidden Sanctuary 4

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The gate opened and I flew through, entering my home once again. The foggy woods had not changed much. But they never had much of a reason to. I needed to clear my head, so I landed on my stone perch and looked out thoughtfully into the foggy nothingness. I didn’t know what the weapon the humans had used, I suspected that the Doctor knew more than he was letting on. Something about the way he looked guilty the whole time we were searching the battlefield for survivors. But the doctor didn’t like to talk about his past, and whatever was in his past, I believed in him and his will to do good. But it wouldn’t hurt to at least ask him about what he knew, or at least I didn’t think it would.  

With my thoughts as organized as they were going to get, I flew over to the building the doctor had been using. And as politely as I could manage, knocked on the door with my beak. He was nice enough to walk up and open the door for me.  

“Learn anything new?” the doctor asked simply. 

“Yes, though not anything good,” I said walking into the doctor’s house and makeshift clinic. It’s one patient was still soundly unconscious. Her Dragon friend sat like a cat monster nearby, a very large cat mind you; as dragons get rather large rather quickly. And he was one of the smaller breeds too.  

My timing was suspiciously perfect as I was getting ready to tell the doctor about the terrifying gash in the earth that had been torn open by the weapon, when his patient suddenly shot up as though she was waking up from some nightmare. She pancaked and looked around the unfamiliar room. The doctor had been smart enough to remove the sword she had apparently been wearing and place it on a table nearby. That was the first thing her eyes darted towards. And then next to her dragon friend who was now walking over to comfort her. Seeing her monster safe and calm seemed to go a long way to helping her calm down as well.  

“Don’t worry, your safe,” the doctor said reassuringly.  

“What happened, where am I?” the women’s voice was horse and tired even though her eyes made her look awake and vigilant. Her dragon friend nuzzled her face to try and calm her down a bit more. Though it just looked uncomfortable because of how scaly the monster was. She returned the favor by petting the monster’s noise.  

“Okenray,” the doctor said. “We found you on the fields of Valor unconscious with your monster protecting you.” The women blinked in surprise, both the humans and the elves thought Okenray was impenetrable. Of course, that was because of me and my magic that made those who tried to navigate it lose their ways.  

“Sorry,” the doctor said to the women. “I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Doctor James Cynical, and this is Phex.” I bowed at the mention of my name; I didn’t have a hand to shake so that would have to do.  

“I’m Rhyme Notes, and this is Brine,” the women said touching the dragon affectionately on the nose. “I have a lot of questions actually, starting with; what happened?”  

“Honestly, I was hoping you would be able to tell us,” I explained. “We were working on something else when we heard a bunch of explosions. We ran out to the fields and saw…the whole elven army dead on the ground.”  

Rhyme gasped, I guessed she had no idea what had happened. It was unfortunate that we were nowhere closer to understanding what was going on. It was even more unfortunate that we had to tell Rhyme that all her friends and companions were dead, and we had no idea why or how.  

“We had just won the battle against the Machine Kings army at the Evergreen Boundary, we were marching to the cities of Twilight and then next thing I know I’m waking up here,” Rhyme did her best to explain what had happened, but it simply wasn’t very helpful. “Can I—can I see—where you found me?”   

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