State of the Blog Journal 8/6/19

Hello everyone,

I’m trying something new, something a little more personal. I’m going to be doing short weekly updates about what’s going on with my life and what you can expect to see on my blog that week. It’s sort of an update/journal type thing where I share with you a little bit about what’s going on in my week. I don’t expect this to get super personal, but I will provide enough context to let you know how life is going on my end.

Poems and Things

I’ve been attempting to post more frequently on my blog and that has required a lot of changes to how I write. I can pound out a poem in a few short seconds some days, but that comes at a price, namely spelling. Oh gosh it is embarrassing to realize that I’ve misspelled something on what was otherwise a really feeling poem. Oh well, blogs can be updated with correct spellings after the fact at least. I do have autism and dyslexia so sometimes I think it’s a miracle I can write as well as I do.

I’m Ending Words from the Road

I’m losing motivation to work on my “Words from the Road” poem project and the last time I posted one it had zero views. So I’m going to stop posting new entries in that project. I won’t be removing the one’s I’ve posted from my blog though. That won’t always be the case with project that end early, I might just take some things down. But in the case of “Words from the Road” that will remain up on the blog.

No “Hidden Sanctuary” this week

For those of you who have not noticed I’ve been working on an episodic story project called “Hidden Sanctuary” I think I’m getting sick this week though so I’m going to take it easy and not worry about posting a new one of those.

What have I been up to…

I feel like I’m not transparent enough as a writer. I’ve heard it said that all writing is political. I’m not sure if I agree, but I would be hard pressed to deny that politics has an effect on writing, so I feel it only fair to be transparent about where I get my news. And I also like to show my other sources of inspiration so I will also be posting what games I’m playing and what I’m reading if your interested.
This week I listened to the five thirty eight politics podcast, they were covering the mass shootings this last weekend from a more statistical perspective which makes me feel sad and detached.
As far as video games are concerned I’ve been really into Hollow Knight lately. It’s atmospheric and oddly poetic and reflective. Though it’s hard for me to put my finger on why. I’ve been wanting to write more about games, but I’m not really sure how to do that so we will see were that goes.

That’s everything from me, have a good week.

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