The Aeon Sea

It’s time for the continuation of reblog Friday. This is another poem I really liked that didn’t get a lot of attention. But maybe it’s just not to people’s tastes. Some of my more out their pomes can be a little underloved. That’s okay–I still love them.

Wandering Poems

I am adrift on the Aeon sea, this place that connects all reality. This place that makes the worlds serve it’s call. The ocean is made of rainbow light–or is it water? It’s so hard to tell. When I throw a stone into the water it is sucked in as though the water is made of tar. I have no hope of swimming or even rowing. So adrift I will be.

My craft is a dead bit of land that somehow floats on the sea. Set adrift by the end of our current–or former reality. And so I’m left to ponder how long I will last. Alone, alive, and adrift on the never ending Aeon Sea.

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