Games, First

It was summer when he and his mother moved, so he didn’t have to deal with going to a new school right away. And when he did he wouldn’t have to deal with the added stress of being the ‘new kid.’ But he had to leave all his friends behind when he moved. He had so few friends back in his old town, and that was because he was so bad at making friends. He had always been a little strange compared to everyone else, and that made it hard for him to make friends.

As a result he didn’t have any good ideas about how to meet any of the other kids that lived in that building. And every apartment had a kid living there, apparently it was an apartment building for non linker parents who had linker children. So every door in that place was a potential friend. But he was terrible at making friends, so those doors remained a mystery. 

But he spent a lot of his time exploring the worlds beyond the holes, only he could see. And when he wasn’t he was either playing video games–or in his own world. So really even if he wasn’t terrible at making friends, it was still low on his to do list. 

Soon rumors started to spread about the new kid that would pace around the back of the building only to disappear somehow. And that wasn’t good. The children of building C-13 had rules. And one strange and oblivious kid wasn’t about to change that. 

The first kid to try and talk to him was a boy from the third floor named Cleb. His partner Cryptix was a round ball like monster with long ears and rubbery hands. It was called a Pon, and it used it’s odd elastic hands to create electric shocks. Cleb himself was a shorter kid with sandy blonde hair, that somehow got more blonde near the tips of his hair. His blue eyes didn’t stand out as much as some would expect them to. But he was fairly normal compared to some of the other Linker Children. 

One day Cleb looked out of his third story home and saw Poem wandering around near the playground. That didn’t happen very often, Poem spent most of his time on the side of the yard without the playground on it. That was because the strange portals tended to form on the other side of the yard, where there were more trees, and less metal.

Of course Cleb didn’t know that, all he knew was that he and the other kids in the building had been trying to figure out how to talk to the kid without scaring him off. So of course Clep shouted from his open window. 

“Hay new kid!” Poem looked around in a panic trying to figure out who had just yelled. Finally he looked up to see Cleb sticking his head out the window. “Stay right there new kid. I’ll be right down.” Poem half expected him to jump out the window. But instead he disappeared back into the building and Poem heard the sound of a door opening and closing. 

Poem actually was tempted to run away. But it was just one kid and besides if he didn’t like him he could always flee later.

Authors note: This is part of an ongoing story I’m working on called strange worlds. Check out the link bellow to read from the start.

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