The Crystal Caves

My next post from my other blog, Cryptix Monsters.

I’m still trying to figure out how much I should cross post between the two blogs. And if I should link that other blog to twitter and facebook. Everything is connected to my poetry right now. But I’m not sure how I feel about having to manage more social media accounts.

Well for now –enjoy!

Cryptix Monsters

Sylvy didn’t know what to say to Necrosis. He had every reason to hate her and everything she stood for. But he wanted to go with her. To be her Cryptix, and to help her, to fight alongside her. A Cryptix who Linked with a Wizard, or a Linker became emotionally bound to them. And while they could choose to separate, the process was painful for both of them. And there was another thing that concerned her.

“You’re an Elder Cryptix right?” she paused for a moment as if to wait for him to respond. But then she kept talking anyway. “I’m not powerful enough to Link with an Elder Cryptix.”

“If you really are the Philosopher Queen then there isn’t a Cryptix alive you can’t Link with.”

I am the queen, I am—I am. She told herself over and over again. As though her thoughts would make it more…

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