Words from the Road, Realization

There was a day that I started to think I had done nothing of worth.
Nothing that would have any meaning once I’d left the earth.
I spent many sleepless nights wondering about what to do.
To make it so my life had meaning when everything was done.

But I didn’t have a single skill that could help me,
Not one I could use to make or change this world in some way.
I’d spent all my life reading, about journeys past.
And so the only solution I could come to was to leave my home,
To find some meaning, somewhere.

Words from the Road 6

My brilliant strategy was quickly formed,
To distract and deceive would be my goal,
I picked up a rock that lay nearby,
And with a swift pitch let it fly.

The Starlight Wolves looked away,
Their natural born instincts leading them astray.
And then I chose a gap in their number,
And ran through it.

They didn’t have much time to react,
But react they did,
bitting at my heel as I flew by,
Forcing me to greet the Earth with my face.

Words from the Road 4

I scoffed at the merchant and walked away,
What right did he have to judge my readiness,
For an adventure and meaning,
Beyond the safety of my front door.

So I kept on my way,
Not caring to make much hay,
About how quickly the road had become empty.
Such was the way my journey would go.

For when I found the care to look around,
I noted the sun was setting,
And glowing beast were starting to surround,
Glowing wolves made of yellow starlight and sapphire eyes.

Words from the Road 3

With me I had a weapon, a sword from my families vault.
I didn’t know how to use it,
But I hadn’t yet figured that out.

My head was filled with hopes and dreams,
Almost ran into a merchants cart, honestly.

“Watch where your going, you idget,” he swore.
“I have far to many important things to export.
I apologized to the man, and explained I was on a quest.
His only response at first was to raise his eyebrow in judgment.
“There are far to many monsters out here,
For an ordinary man like you,
To dream of adventures,
That life can’t be for you.”