Wizards — Cryptix Monsters

Editors note: To be clear Wizards are not a type of Cryptix. Wizards are people who can control Cryptix in order to use Magical powers. The Wizards guild has been defunct for a long time now, so we felt it impotent to mention this. Cynical has the unfortunate tendency to treat his research notes like […]

Wizards — Cryptix Monsters

Not to put to fine a point on it but I’m having a real blast writing these over on my Cryptix Blog. You should check it out.

But I need to warn you. I don’t know if I will post a Cryptix post next week due to the election. But I can’t say for sure just yet.

Anyways for now–enjoy.

Pon — Cryptix Monsters

If you’ve been seeing these posts and have no idea what they are then don’t panic–I have not gone crazy. This is a fiction project I’ve been working on over on my other blog–Cryptix Monsters. I do hope to go into more detail about why I’m working on this and what led me to do this when I start up Wandering thoughts again–which I hope to do soon.

If you’ve been reading my notebook in the order I’ve written it and have no familiarity with Cryptix at all you may have come to the conclusion that Cryptix are terrifying and creepy creatures that you should fear. And you wouldn’t be alone in that regard, most normal people avoid interacting with Cryptix as much […]

Pon — Cryptix Monsters

Eater of Time — Cryptix Monsters

She was fairly certain Zak was trustworthy. But just in case, she put Dual back in her staff. The Twin Tail Cryptix needed a chance to recover from the battle anyways. Though Cryptix auras recovered fairly quickly, it wasn’t insistent.  The boy led her up a steep narrow path that was hidden in-between two large […]

Eater of Time — Cryptix Monsters

Not to put to fine a point on it–but I’m having a lot of fun writing these stories. But I also know they are not getting as much traction as my poetry get’s. Now that doesn’t bother me that much as of right now, but I’m going to be looking into ways of expanding my reach in the future–I really do think it will be worth the effort.
In the meantime enjoy Cryptix Monsters.