Idealistic Strife

As it turns out I’m bad at remembering to do reblog Mondays…so I guess I’m switching back to Friday.

Wandering Poems

I know you always say,
That I can do anything,
If I only just believe.

I’m not one to fight,
Against that idealistic strife,
But I thought maybe you should know,
Your not helping anyone,
With that kind of talk.
The world is far to complicated,
To be solved with cheesy one-liners,
And fortune cookie encouragements.

And yet when I need help,
Those sorts of things are all I hear,
Does it help you assuage your guilt,
Of not helping those in need?

If you really believe that you can do anything,
Then why have you not yet helped me?

Either you are more powerless then you thought,
Or you really don’t care.

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The Aeon Sea

I am adrift on the Aeon sea, this place that connects all reality. This place that makes the worlds serve it’s call. The ocean is made of rainbow light–or is it water? It’s so hard to tell. When I throw a stone into the water it is sucked in as though the water is made of tar. I have no hope of swimming or even rowing. So adrift I will be.

My craft is a dead bit of land that somehow floats on the sea. Set adrift by the end of our current–or former reality. And so I’m left to ponder how long I will last. Alone, alive, and adrift on the never ending Aeon Sea.

Dragons do you Dream too?

Reblog Friday turned into reblog Sunday. Sorry about that.
This one is a fun one I really like hope you enjoy it too.

Wandering Poems

Dragon, keeper of mystical might. How he have inspired many a fright, at the side of children’s beds. How you have made us dare to dream, of your amazing reality. Red, green, black, and blue. Gold, Silver, brass, and bronze and purple don’t forget. And many more far too numerous to name. You may have been a myth to many even in the depths of ancient past.

Dragon now I ask, do you too dream? Of a strange small creature that builds city’s and no longer believes in the magic you wield. Do you use the story of humans to frighten your hatchlings into being good? Time and time again I wonder on these things. What meaning do these beasts have? But then you must wonder the same thing to. As we ruin our world, and laugh at the fear that we held of you in our ancient past.


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Lost Drive

A little late on reblog Friday. But here is one I really like.

Wandering Poems

The yellow moon bleeds illusions,
The city road distorts and bends,
I see a figure step into the street,
I hit the brakes…
But there was no one there.
I can’t seem to remember why I was here,
Where was I going,
Was I driving with no destination,
For this long?

I start the car again,
There moon Hides behind the trees,
Whatever it’s hiding from…
Should it frighten me?

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Scattered Petals of Light

Hello everyone, I’m trying something new. Introducing reblog Friday’s! I’ve wanted to share some of my old stuff for some time now and I figured this is a good way to do that. This one here is the very first poem I published on this site. I’ll give more info on what’s going on with reblog Friday’s during the next blog journal.

Wandering Poems

Scattered petals of light,
Moments of time,
Stretching through reality,
Bending moments of meaning,
Thoughts and lost feelings.

Shaping the world,
In an image nothing like our own,
Perfect and feeling,
Dreaming in colors that we cannot see,
But we can feel,
Light beyond our sight,
Scattered petals of light.

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