Dr. Cynical’s Cryptix Notes

Hello, my name is Dr. Cynical, a researcher of sorts. Recently I’ve been studying the strange creatures called Cryptix. Odd little things–or–not so little in some cases. I’ve been logging my research for some time now and I’ve been hopeful that I would be able to get my work published. But for some reason there doesn’t seem to be much of a demand for Cryptix research. I can’t imagine why–they are fascinating creatures–and they help shape our very world.

Anyways, while I’m sure most of you know what a Cryptix is for the sake of completeness I’ll go over the basics.

The word Cryptix refers to a wide variety of creatures. Cryptix are not animals, though some superstitious individuals refer to them as “magic animals.” It is commonly accepted that Cryptix are magical in nature. However it is this researcher’s humble opinion that the magical nature of Cryptix have been exaggerated for far too long. And it is the goal of my research to shed light on the true nature of the creatures.

But for the sake of argument Cryptix can do all kinds of things that can be mistaken for magic. Some can breath fire, some can shoot beams of light, or plasma. Others can freeze things solid, or melt things with acid. They are also much harder to kill than normal animals, being able to survive multiple bullet wounds or other traumas that would end even the toughest of normal creatures. Many refer to Cryptix as monsters, a term that’s about as unscientific as it gets.

Since the literature on the topic of these creatures is limited (and what is available is hogwash) I’ve spent most of my time as of late in the field. Observing, and sometimes, engaging with, these supposed Monsters. It is my hope that through my eyes you can learn more about the world we live in, and the creatures we share it with.

Editor’s Note: We are currently in the process of organizing and publishing the late Dr’s notes. While he is widely regarded as a hack, many of his observations have helped us understand more about Cryptix. And we view it as important for scientific advancement that his research notes be made available. Please consider the time and context of the doctor’s research when reading his personal notes.