It’s time

So now it’s time to meet again,
A story will unfold,
A truth once thought forgotten,
Will soon change the world.

Hope once thought a meaningless phrase,
Will bring about some change.
And some will fight against it,
But we will change just the same.

Never the Same

There’s something in the air, 

An energy I’ve come to fear,  

Change appears and rears, 

It’s ugly head.  

This shouldn’t be an issue, 

Yet every day I struggle, 

To cope with change,  

In a many way.  





I always find, 

Change appears, 


In its being.  

And things will never be the same.  

Meditation Poem 1: Anyways

Seeking new focus,

Trying to find,

A thing forgotten,

Or left behind?

Maybe I never found it,

I may have missed my chance,

To find something so important,

It could have changed my life.

So now I must find new focus,

Try to find a way,

To seek something just as important,

That can be used to replace,

Something so precious,

As to change my life.

But I guess I would go on living,