Never Thought

I’ve heard of this place,
But I never thought,
I’d see these emerald fields,
Strange world,
Beyond thought.
Standing here,
But never lost.

Spirits fly by,
I can hear,
Saying something in the distance.

Emerald groves,
And things I don’t know,
Places to see,
Places to go.

This world isn’t so different after all….

Dragons do you Dream too?

Dragon, keeper of mystical might. How he have inspired many a fright, at the side of children’s beds. How you have made us dare to dream, of your amazing reality. Red, green, black, and blue. Gold, Silver, brass, and bronze and purple don’t forget. And many more far too numerous to name. You may have been a myth to many even in the depths of ancient past. 

Dragon now I ask, do you too dream? Of a strange small creature that builds city’s and no longer believes in the magic you wield. Do you use the story of humans to frighten your hatchlings into being good? Time and time again I wonder on these things. What meaning do these beasts have? But then you must wonder the same thing to. As we ruin our world, and laugh at the fear that we held of you in our ancient past.  

Dragons, do you dream too?