Failed Me

I don’t understand,
How you failed me,
I don’t understand,
Why I’m here.

I didn’t choose this,
But it’s who I am,
And I’ve fought,
For everything about myself.

But you didn’t fight for me,
You tried to make me like,
Everyone else,
But that’s impossible,
Why didn’t you understand that?

Someone failed you too.

Never the Same

There’s something in the air, 

An energy I’ve come to fear,  

Change appears and rears, 

It’s ugly head.  

This shouldn’t be an issue, 

Yet every day I struggle, 

To cope with change,  

In a many way.  





I always find, 

Change appears, 


In its being.  

And things will never be the same.  


When the journey begins,  

And the only thing you have, 

Is the wit of your head and the dirt under your feet. 

When you take that first step forwards, 

Not knowing what’s ahead, 

A world of possibilities marked down on your map. 

The forest of things that you could or could not do, 

Seems impossible to navigate through, 

But maybe there’s a way.  

Or maybe I’ll be lost in life forever…. 

Left to Rot

I like to think of myself as a nice guy,
Perhaps maybe that’s a lie,
But let me give you a piece of advice,
If you don’t like what I do or say,
Then let me rot, in obscurity away.

Poems are like magic,
Power wrought not just from my pen,
But from every word seen and spoken again,
Truth or not,
It’s meaningless if left to rot.

So don’t call me out for my faults,
Infamy spreads like fire.