Words from the Road 3

With me I had a weapon, a sword from my families vault.
I didn’t know how to use it,
But I hadn’t yet figured that out.

My head was filled with hopes and dreams,
Almost ran into a merchants cart, honestly.

“Watch where your going, you idget,” he swore.
“I have far to many important things to export.
I apologized to the man, and explained I was on a quest.
His only response at first was to raise his eyebrow in judgment.
“There are far to many monsters out here,
For an ordinary man like you,
To dream of adventures,
That life can’t be for you.”

A Single Moment

Keeper of a single moment,
Seeker of one point in time,
Why are you sitting alone?
Do you live for your loneliness’s form?

Knowing what has brought you here,
Is all that matters to you,
At what point did it all go wrong?

Seeking all in a single moment,
Seeking that fabled point in time,
Giving it all up for one clear meaning,
When thousands of vague ones should have sufficed.