Fall Apart

It always seems like the world is falling apart,
The seams of our society always just an inch from unraveling,
But it never seems to.
Is it just an illusion created by our own fear?

It always seems like the higher our heroes climb the harder they fall,
Some of us fear to climb to high out of fear of falling,
Others climb to high out of fear of being stuck to the ground.
But why must our heroes always fall?

It always seems like the worst of humanity is on display,
That our own darkness is reflected in our media,
But where is our light?
Is it relegated to pointless quotes printed on the pages of our calendars?
Must we live with the knowledge that our only hope is in obscurity?
That the shadows of our society hold our brightest light,
And the most open fields hold the darkest shadows cast by our apparently black sun.

Must we hold onto hope as our last hope and our only hope for our world?
Is the only light in our sky a single star?
Today I ask you what gives you hope,
Let the light hidden in our shadows come out,
Let the shadows hidden out in the open be put to sleep.