Secret Night

I guess I should have told you,
When this all began.
But never in all these years,
Did I think this would be our end.

And I should pray for a miracle,
Too save your life.
But if I were to see you again,
I’m not sure if I could.

This secret that might kill you,
makes me so ashamed.
That even now,
I can’t think of what to say.

But what nightmare await me in the dark?
should darkness ortake you in this secret night.


Something on the horizon lies, it speaks, it lives, and it breathes.
It wills to go on and whether or not the will of it succeeds, it finds its way. It finds its place, it finds its time, or finds its self not to be.   

Authors note: Fun fact, this was one of the first poems I ever wrote. I was surprised when I found it still sitting on my hard drive.