I; Believe

I, in truth, never thought it reasonable to believe; 
In strange things or odd tails of yore. 
Though I might have hoped that they were as they said; 
Real and not made up. 

But the fake and the freakish lives in us all. 
And beyond the veil of our lives. 
In the world of imagination. 
And in the world of spirits where such things writhe. 

The world is always more then it seems. 
But less than the fantastic would have you believe. 
So look beyond what your comfort perceives; 
And find what it is you really believe.  

Never Thought

I’ve heard of this place,
But I never thought,
I’d see these emerald fields,
Strange world,
Beyond thought.
Standing here,
But never lost.

Spirits fly by,
I can hear,
Saying something in the distance.

Emerald groves,
And things I don’t know,
Places to see,
Places to go.

This world isn’t so different after all….