He’s Dead Now

He’s dead now,
Gone now,
In a single moment,
A whole life,
Seems not to matter.

Everything he did,
Will be forgotten with time,
And this poems vague description,
Will not a place in history hold.

So when you find,
Yourself asking,
What this poem is about,
Remember all those,
By cruel histories bias.

Idealistic Strife

I know you always say,
That I can do anything,
If I only just believe.

I’m not one to fight,
Against that idealistic strife,
But I thought maybe you should know,
Your not helping anyone,
With that kind of talk.
The world is far to complicated,
To be solved with cheesy one-liners,
And fortune cookie encouragements.

And yet when I need help,
Those sorts of things are all I hear,
Does it help you assuage your guilt,
Of not helping those in need?

If you really believe that you can do anything,
Then why have you not yet helped me?

Either you are more powerless then you thought,
Or you really don’t care.