Words from the Road 6

My brilliant strategy was quickly formed,
To distract and deceive would be my goal,
I picked up a rock that lay nearby,
And with a swift pitch let it fly.

The Starlight Wolves looked away,
Their natural born instincts leading them astray.
And then I chose a gap in their number,
And ran through it.

They didn’t have much time to react,
But react they did,
bitting at my heel as I flew by,
Forcing me to greet the Earth with my face.

Words from the Road 4

I scoffed at the merchant and walked away,
What right did he have to judge my readiness,
For an adventure and meaning,
Beyond the safety of my front door.

So I kept on my way,
Not caring to make much hay,
About how quickly the road had become empty.
Such was the way my journey would go.

For when I found the care to look around,
I noted the sun was setting,
And glowing beast were starting to surround,
Glowing wolves made of yellow starlight and sapphire eyes.